Why Balboa?

Balboa Technologies provides a managed fiber internet connection for your building and/or project. By providing a managed fiber connection Balboa Technologies is able to turn up services for new tenants within 24-48 hours, which is faster than any other service provider in the building with unsurpassed fiber internet. Traditional service providers turn up services in 30-90 days.

This will give your building a competitive advantage when marketing to potential new tenants, as they will not be delayed moving into your building since Balboa Technologies will be able to provide them with Internet access in the shortest amount of time possible. This service/amenity is free to you as the owner and Balboa Technologies will manage the services directly with the end user.

Flexible Internet

Balboa Technologies allows customers to scale their bandwidth to fit the needs of their business. Many times customers do not know what amount of bandwidth they will need, so Balboa Technologies gives you the ability to move your services up and down to make sure your needs are sufficiently met.